The tribe is a source of fascination in a world where globalization and population displacement poses the crucial question of identity and belonging. Inclusion is vital to our happiness so the tribe attracts. Now, as in times past the tribe becomes a way of connecting and sharing important information and ideologies. By sharing a heritage, collective conscience, or common values the tribe embraces us and becomes a significant and recognized factor in our social fabric. Crossing the globe in search of the places where people meet, engage and form special relationships the 2015 exhibitions look back at the past and investigate the present, searching for the unique stories we all weave. Tribe asks what it means to belong and questions how we identify as individuals, both as a choice and as matter of circumstance.

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TORAYA Kyoto Gallery Detail
Yuuhisai Koudoukan Detail
Kyoto City Hall open square (working) Detail
COMME des GARÇONS Kyoto (a) Horikawa Oike Gallery (b) Detail
Gallery SUGATA Detail
Kondaya Genbei Kurogura Detail
Mumeisha Detail
Noguchi Residence, Karaku-an Detail
Ryosokuin (Kenninji temple) Detail
Traditional building in Gion Shinbashi (PASS THE BATON KYOTO GION/Opening in summer 2015) Detail
SferaExhibition Detail
Murakamijyu Building Detail
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